The Benefits of Marula Oil

Pictured above: PURITY - Oil of Marula and PURITY - Oil of Rosehip

Pictured above: PURITY - Oil of Marula and PURITY - Oil of Rosehip

What is Marula Oil?

HADAKA’s Purity – Oil of Marula is a cold pressed African oil extracted from the seeds of the fruits of the Marula trees. With noncomedogenic properties, an ability to balance oil production, and provide the skin with deep hydration, it is suitable for all skin types. Formulated with 100% pure marula oil, PURITY can be used to help heal, repair and rejuvenate dry skin and skin irritation as a result of sunburn and skin conditions like eczema. It also soothes and calms redness and aids in the healing process of invasive facials like PRP.

What are the skin boosting benefits of Marula Oil?

1)      Lightweight and non-greasy: Marula readily absorbs and penetrates deep within the skin. Despite it being an oil, it has a lightweight feel and gives the skin a natural glow without the risk of looking greasy.

2)      High in oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid: Marula oil has a very high concentration of oleic acid, which helps to replenish lost moisture without clogging pores.

3)      Also contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, which is anti-inflammatory and stimulates cell turnover.

4)      Marula is packed with antioxidants like Vitamins C & E, which promote elasticity, skin firmness and smoothening. Vitamin C also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation, dark spots and vitamin E promotes the healing of scars.  

5)      Balances oil production: Often, our skin overproduces oil to compensate for a lack of moisture. Marula’s deeply hydrating properties regulate this production of sebum for a balanced complexion.

6)      Retains moisture: deeply hydrating, Marula locks in moisture that will keep your skin hydrated. The oleic acid it contains can help to heal skin issues like eczema, redness, acne and psoriasis.

7)      Repairs skin cells from environmental stressors: the high content of antioxidants protect the skin from environmental stressors and free radicals.

8)      Heals skin after medical treatments: Marula increases the skin’s natural ability to regenerate and heal itself. Soothing and calming, it’s great for after facials to soothe and calm skin.

9)      Natural: 100% marula oil is formulated without the additives of any chemicals, fragrance, perfume, or dye and is presented in its purest form, hence the name PURITY.

Marula oil can be used as a daily moisturizer morning, night or both as well as a primer for extra hydration and a smooth makeup application. Marula oil overall has many benefits to the skin, whether you have oily, dry or aging skin, this oil will moisturize, sooth and rejuvenate the skin while adding a natural glow. It provides the skin not only with antioxidants, but also both omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and is extremely fast absorbing. Hadaka’s PURITY, contains 100% pure Marula oil, which is wild harvested, cold pressed and cruelty free. If you’re looking for a hydrating, soothing oil, try PURITY – Oil of Marula today:

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