Say Goodbye to Blackheads!


Rid your skin of blackheads with HADAKA’s blackhead masks. Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal, this peel-off mask will give your skin a deep clean for a smoother surface.

How are blackheads formed?

It is a common misconception that blackheads occur because of poor hygiene. Studies have shown that they are actually triggered by an overproduction of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that is produced in our sebaceous glands found just below the surface of the skin. The sebum rises to the surface of the skin through the pores and around the hair follicles. Its purpose is to protect the skin and keep it lubricated. With a balanced level of sebum production, the skin will have a healthy glow. However, an overproduction of sebum in a hair follicle can lead to the formation of hardened plugs in the pores. The sebum is unable to reach the surface of the skin because of a blockage created by dead skin cells. The plugs appear as a tiny bump under the surface of the skin. When they form, the bacteria that normally sits on the surface of the skin starts to grow within the hair follicle. This leads to inflammation, which results in breakouts and the formation of blackheads.

Where do blackheads form?

Blackheads are most commonly found in what is known as the “t-zone”. The t-zone consists of: the forehead, chin and nose. They are especially visible around the nose as the pores in this area of the face are naturally larger in size. Although these are the most common areas where blackheads form, they can occur wherever there are hair follicles. Apply this mask in the areas where you experience blackheads to see effective results.

DOs and DON’Ts

The number one thing you DO NOT want to do is pick at your blackheads. This can lead to a build up of more bacteria within the follicles causing infection or even scarring.

What you DO want to opt for is topical treatments, which have proven to be quite effective in the prevention of blackheads. Ingredients like activated charcoal, found in HADAKA’s Blackhead masks, absorb excess oil and dirt from the skin. The effect is the skin becomes more balanced. When the pores are filled with impurities and excess oil, the size of the pores becomes magnified. Using products with activated charcoal in your skincare routine helps keeps your pores clean which in turn, significantly reduces their appearance.

Also formulated with other skin-boosting ingredients like oat extract, grapefruit, vitamins B5 and E, calendula extract and rosemary extract, the HADAKA Blackhead masks work to transform and bring balance to your skin.

With trial size 8ml sachets, and a full size 50ml tube available now at:, you can finally say goodbye to blackheads!

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